I want it now.

What do you do when you know that God has called you to something bigger than what you are doing right now. I love my job as a middle school Technology Education (SHOP) teacher. I get to see more students in one day than most student pastors get to see in a whole week or even two. In fact I get to see those kids 5 times every week for about 36 weeks. So why do I feel called to full time student ministry? Why is it that I would need to leave the place that students are for 75% of their day to be a better minister to them?

Because my hands are tied in what I can legaly say and do with students in reguard to their sin, need for salvation, discipleship, and equipping for the kingdom. I have shared Christ with students in my class room and it felt good. Real Good. But I also had to wonder if that could get me fired.


My frustration comes in the fact that I have more hands on experience with students than most student ministers but, because I don’t have “official full time church staff” experience I am over looked.


God Move or, Move me.




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