I want it now.

What do you do when you know that God has called you to something bigger than what you are doing right now. I love my job as a middle school Technology Education (SHOP) teacher. I get to see more students in one day than most student pastors get to see in a whole week or even two. In fact I get to see those kids 5 times every week for about 36 weeks. So why do I feel called to full time student ministry? Why is it that I would need to leave the place that students are for 75% of their day to be a better minister to them?

Because my hands are tied in what I can legaly say and do with students in reguard to their sin, need for salvation, discipleship, and equipping for the kingdom. I have shared Christ with students in my class room and it felt good. Real Good. But I also had to wonder if that could get me fired.


My frustration comes in the fact that I have more hands on experience with students than most student ministers but, because I don’t have “official full time church staff” experience I am over looked.


God Move or, Move me.




A new image for a new vision

Last night I shaved off my goatee and mustache. I have had a beard or goatee and mustache of some kind for the last 11.5 years. Longer than I have been married. Longer than most of the people that know me now have known me. They have never seen me without it. I went to church tonight and was amazed at the responses. I had someone who has known me for 5 plus years tell me that I look like I am 20 years old. I will take that as a compliment.

Why did I shave you might ask? Well as I am seeking to reorder most everything in my life so as to be ready when God calls me to a ministry position I thought a new look would be good too.



Put up or shut up!

Yup, I said it. Put up or shut up.Well it is time for me to either put up or shut up. I have chosen to put up.I realized about 3-4 years ago that I was being called by God to live for more. That is I was and are being called to full time ministry from a 13 year teaching career. I have talked with almost every pastor in my church and several closer friends about it. I have talked and talked and talked about it with out any action.Well it is time to put up.On Friday March 14th I submitted my application to liberty university to earn a masters degree in theological studies. I will be studying discipleship, evangelism, and church planting. Kind of a stretch from the 13 years of student work I have been doing, but I feel that is where God is wanting me to focus.Pray for me.Financial contributions accepted.  Saulnier 

Butterfly Gospel

So my 4 year old with the broken arm has a butterfly habitat. We watched them grow and change from caterpillars to chrysalis’s to butterflies. The first one to come out of the chrysalis cam out with one perfect wing and one that was all jumbled up around an antenna and some feet. He had a hard time getting around the habitat as well as a hard time eating. We called him little guy. Well, Little guy died today. We had a funeral service for him in the rain and buried him in the flower bed in the front yard. We thought about just doing away with the dead butterfly and not saying anything, but….. My 4 year old is learning and accepting that this is part of life. Saulnier 

Tough day on tuesday

No not tough for the political candidates running for president, tough for me and my family. On Monday night my 4year old daughter was playing on her bed (Big NO NO in our house) and fell off. We found out Tuesday morning that she broke her elbow. She now has a hot pink cast on her right arm from the arm pit to the hand. The orthopedic surgeon that studied the X-rays said that in most cases the part that she broke moves and requires sugerie and pins. God is so good. Hers in only broken and will not need anything more than a cast. Did I mention that God is good.